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Saturday, January 21, 2017
By Mellisa Pendleton

Week One: 

I know it helps me to read exactly what someone else is eating if they are trying to make some lifestyle changes. It does. I want specifics. I want to know every single thing they put into their mouth. Well, here you go. I updated every single day. Now, for die hard Whole 30'ers I may have made some mistakes, but guys, I have never worked this hard on what I am putting into my body. So there. I'm proud. A few things I have noticed this week. I have no diarrhea. Too much info? Oh well. I haven't said that in FOREVER! Day 4 I wanted to honestly kill everything and everyone. Holy moly. It passed. I crave breakfast now. My breakfast before was a big fat cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar. I'm legitimately hungry for breakfast. I'm not tired of eggs yet probably due because they are really a side for me. And I know how much they give me energy to tackle the rest of the day. I used to not like LaraBars, but they taste sweet to me now, so if I'm craving something sweet, they usually do the trick. I eat the cashew and date ones. For some reason I craved good chocolate milk on Thursday but I never caved. I've noticed that I have slightly more energy. Nothing crazy, but definitely changing. No change in my back symptoms yet, but I can't expect that to change so quickly. I would like to say I haven't gotten on a scale, but then I'd be lying. The program says no weighing until the end of the 30 days, and I personally don't have a scale, BUT, my in-laws do and I did check on Wednesday night. I know, I'm bad. I will tell you that I have drastically lost weight so far. I think it may just be a side effect of no bloating. Seriously, NO BLOATING what so ever in 7 days. Crazy right? I stayed bloated all the time guys. Looking back now, I'm pretty sure I may have an intolerance to diary. Anyhow, still going strong, still feel good, and eager to see how the next week goes. Here is my food: I told you, I documented everything lol. 

W=Week D=Day

W1/D1: Breakfast: 2 organic eggs, bullet proof coffee(coffee, coconut oil, Ghee in blender), smoothie with frozen spinach, blueberries, pineapple, turmeric, maca powder, and almond milk(got about 1/2 down-I will not be adding turmeric to my future smoothies)

Lunch: I have a wedding I'm photographing today and although my most favorite thing is wedding food, I have brought my dinner with me. Organic turkey slices(2 or 3), handful of almonds, 2 dates, carrots, Larabar, and an orange. I usually wouldn't eat this much but my fear is that with how hard I push myself during a wedding, I may get hungry. Better safe than sorry. Update from wedding: I add it all except the Larabar & the dates.

Dinner: The wedding had a ton of yummy food I would normally ate a huge portion of, not to mention the ridiculous yummy table of deserts & hot coca bar, but I stuck with a few pieces of pork and steamed veggies they had. It was filling and absolutely delicious. 

Snack: Whole 30 doesn't promote snacking unless you are a very active individual, but I was legitamally hungry so instead of grabbing a tub of ice-cream like I normally would, I got a handful of sunflower seeds, and a slice of organic Applegate turkey. Please note: Applegate is my absolute favorite packaged meat you can buy, but has to be used rather quickly after opening(like 4-7 days), so plan accordingly. 

W1/D2: (The hubs let me sleep in this morning so my "breakfast" was at 11) Breakfast: Smoothie with Garden Of Life  Organic Vegan protein pack, with frozen blueberries(anti-inflammatory), frozen bananas, chia seeds, & almond milk. VERY yummy. Side of two fried eggs cooked with coconut oil, & bullet proof coffee. Side note: Please know that the Whole 30 does not promote any use of protein powder, but I decided I wanted to add it to this morning's smoothie b/c I wanted to see what it tasted like. You can still get what protein you need without using any powders what so ever. 

Lunch: I wasn't hungry at all for lunch since I ate a very late breakfast.

Dinner: This was a big dinner. We had Secret Ingredient Paleo Cauliflower Soup by Bravo for Paleo. You guys, I can't say enough about this soup. My two oldest and myself devour this soup. I omit the cheese, but add a ton of pepper to it. Local stir fry chicken purchased on sale at Food Matters in Hickory cooked in the skillet with a little olive oil and then I added peppers to it. Used my go-to seasoning: Bragg's Organic Sprinkle. We also had a huge salad with dark leafy greens, hard boiled egg, walnuts, avocado, tomato, green olives, and I didn't need any dressing. It was delicious and I am FULL. 

W1/D3: Breakfast: 8:30 am: 2 hardboiled eggs(no yolk-only b/c I'm not a big fan), two pieces of compliant bacon, & an orange, bullet proof coffee, & NingXia Red by Young Living. I like to actually put the 2oz of NingXia into my cup with ice and then fill with water. 

Lunch: I got home late from my chiropractor & acupuncture appointment and didn't bring lunch with me so I ate when I got home at 2:00pm. Big salad with greens, green olives, walnuts, hard boiled egg(no yolk), and local chicken from last night's dinner, side of left over Cauliflower soup, and a few carrots in compliant guacamole. 

Dinner: Tonight's dinner was ON POINT! I got some canned crab meat on sale at the grocery store so I made these Whole 30 approved Crab Cakes from Fitisthenublack. I can never seem to get mine to completely stay oval, but I keep trying. We made sweet potato fries in the oven to go with them. YUM. Only thing I added to the "fries" was a little coconut oil, arrowroot powder(to prevent burning), garlic, and paprika. 

W1/D4: I want to kill all the things. Holy moly, my emotions are right up there with the crazy house today. Hopefully this will pass quickly. Breakfast: 2 eggs fried with coconut oil, orange, banana, & piece of Applegate turkey. Bullet proof coffee. 

Lunch: Had a big ol' salad with leafy greens, artichoke hearts, green olives, sunflower seeds, with a side of the remainder cauliflower soup(I told you guys I love it)

Dinner: I took the kids to ToysRUs to use their Christmas gifts cards so we to grab something to eat at the only compliant place I knew of. Chipotle. I got a carnitas salad(pork cooked in sunflower oil), with guacamole, tons of medium salsa and a water on the side. I was full and it was yummy. Would have rice and beans been delicious with it? Of course, but it was good just the same. 

When I got home with the kids I decided to make a quick smoothie to get in some of fruits and veggies(I feel like I didn't really eat enough today), so I loaded up my blender with almond milk, chia seeds, frozen cranberries, frozen kale and spinach, & a banana. 

W1/D5: Emotions are better today. I actually went to bed at 10pm last night you guys!!! That is HUGE for me. It's no uncommon for me to finally drift off to sleep around 1:30am. Breakfast: I had my MRI at 7:40 this morning and by the time I got back home, I could have eaten everything in sight. It's funny, I never used to eat breakfast before and now I have to. Feels off if i don't. I had 3 scrambled eggs(piled high with the Chipotle salsa I brought home last night, banana, a few red grapes,  and some bullet proof coffee. I didn't add any veggies to this meal, so I'll be sure to pack them in the rest of the day. 

Lunch: Very quick lunch since I surprised Ella with a picnic outside because it's so beautiful here today. One can of organic chicken, compliant pickle relish, Tessemae's mayo(yes, my package came today thank you!!!), salt & pepper, side of carrots and spicy guacamole. 

Dinner: We're having an extended family dinner tonight where we're ordering pizza so I knew if I didn't make something to bring...Ummm, I'd want pizza. Heck, at this point I'd snort warm bread(lol). I made homemade meatballs & sauce. Used spaghetti squash as my "noodle" Update: I brought my own dinner and the meatballs were not cooked all through so I brought it back home to recook them tomorrow. You can do that right? :/ I ate some of the spaghetti squash and asked my Mother In Law for a piece of fruit. I came home and ate the rest of the chicken salad from lunch with a handful of almonds. You guys, there were cupcakes there. Delicious, bakery cupcakes. I didn't eat one. That, my friends is a victory in itself. 

W1/D6: Breakfast: Slept a solid 8 hours last night. Don't even remember waking up at all. 3 pieces of compliant bacon, 2 fried eggs with coconut oil, handful of grapes, bullet proof coffee. 

Lunch: Ella and I headed to get a few things we needed for the rest of the week, so I picked up something special tonight for dinner. For lunch I ate an incredible salad(yes again, but honestly, I actually am starting to really crave them. Weird I know). Lots of organic greens, walnuts, green olives, a piece of leftover bacon from this morning(crumpled up into bits), topped with Tessame's dressing(which is just incredible and worth every single penny). Had a piece of an apple before Ella stole the rest.  

Dinner: YUM YUM YUM. I made beef skewers(local everything-bought from Food Matters) with onion, zucchini, and green peppers(marinated all day with again Tessame's dressing with a whole sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon. Best dinner yet. Hubs even said WOW

W1/D7: DAY 7!!!!!! ONE WHOLE WEEK DONE!!!! 

Breakfast: Cooked up some local breakfast sausage, 1 egg, and left over sweet potato mash from last night that I topped with a little ghee and cinnamon 

Lunch: Can you guess? Yep, a big old salad. Mixed dark leafy greens, just a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, green olives, artichoke hearts, hard boiled egg topped with Tessame's dressing with a LaraBar 

Dinner: This is a funny story. We actually had a babysitter for the 3 little people(Kailyn obviously is old enough to not have a babysitter), so we decided to use the Texas Roadhouse(or so I thought) gift card we received for Christmas. I had everything planned out. I asked a FB Whole 30 group what to order, how to order(since I had to be very specific), everything went fine. I'm not gonna lie, I could have made a much better meal at home with compliant ingredients but whatever. We go to pay and she giggles at me. I was like what? Our gift card was for Longhorn, not Texas Roadhouse. I swear things like that have been happening to me all week long!!!! We did laugh though. I ate the Sirloin with no butter, no seasoning, heck even no oil. It was still delicious but dang, it would have been much more yummy with my seasoning on it that I forgot to bring. Salad with greens, eggs, tomato, and I asked for oil & vinegar on the side, steamed sweet potato. 

A few pics below, but lets be honest, I don't have time to take a pic of everything I eat. I pick my battles.