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Thursday, July 05, 2018
By Mellisa Pendleton

Happy Summer friends! The hubs was out of town the entire month of June for work so the kids and I did our best to make this month as uneventful as possible...didn't work lol. Ryder had a solid 10 days of a fever and around that 8 day mark(after a previous trip to Urgent Care), we headed to his pediatrician. They ran a slew of tests and decided to send him on to the ER for further a spinal tap. He handled it like a champ while I sat quietly in the corner with tears streaming down my face. I was so scared. Turns out after the tap, a chest X-ray, and blood work he was diagnosed with viral meningitis. He felt horrible. Even with that crazy diagnosis, I was still grateful. There were so many things running through my head and test results after test results came back empty, I was relieved to finally have a reason. We have no idea how he got it, or where it came from, but were so grateful that's all it was. I kept thinking what if. I sat and prayed for all the parents who didn't get that relief. I can't imagine. 

He's good as new now and we're back to limiting electronic use and keeping them busy ;). The boys are currently upstairs priming a bedroom so we can begin moving everyone's rooms. A new season approaches. Kailyn will soon leave for college, Ella will officially start Kindergarten, and the boys will go on to the next grade. I was talking to my mom yesterday when I asked her what age she considered to be middle aged. 40. Holy crap, I'm 3 years away. How did that happen so fast? Yes, yes, people say how it goes by so fast, but until now...I haven't really realized it. I've been reading Rachel Hollis's new book Girl, wash your face and I'm just enthralled. I mean, I've read all kinds of self help and enlightenment books(it's my jam), but reading her words has put a new spin on MY next chapter of life. It's gotten me to think what do I want? 

I've spent the last 6 years not only building my business, but raising my children. ALL of my time has gone to both of those two things. Balance. It's been a rough, tear filled, joy induced adventure. What's next? Rachel says to write down those dreams. REALLY write them down. She goes on to say these words that stuck like glue to my soul "I am successful because I refused to take no for an answer. I am successful because I have never once believed my dreams were someone else's to manage."   

Think about those words for a second. What if every time you heard the answer "no" it gave you the drive to not only find out why, but push further? No one is in charge of where your dreams take you. Want to write a book? DO IT. Want to start a new business? Figure out HOW. You are the only one stopping you from doing what YOU want to do. 

That brought me to my dreams. What did I want? Let me stop here and say I'm not talking about having a healthy, thriving, humble family. I'm hoping that is everyone's dream. I'm talking about the dreams you hide deep down inside. The dreams you fear if you said out loud that they may get laughed at. The dreams for your life that you have felt so unattainable. 

Here are mine: 

1) I want out of debt. It's no secret that I originally started this blog to keep myself accountable. I love to show people how we manage our finances, even if we fail. 

2) I want my work to be published. 

3) I want to write a book.

Those are my top 3. There are so many more, but I needed a starting point so I knew which way to begin. 

What are your dreams? What is stopping you? 

xoxo Mellisa 

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